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Jeremy Hickey, REALTOR®, Associate

About Jeremy

As far back as I can remember I have been in love with real estate. That love stems from early years spending summers at my grandparent’s farm. As a kid milking cows and riding tractors was the coolest, but my time on “the farm” instilled something more; the pride and hard work my grandfather put into the land was impactful, the land provided life to generations of family. From then on, a house became more than just dirt, lumber, doors and shingles. My home was my safe place, a jumping off point for dreams to take flight, whether dreamed of scoring goals like the Great One or running a business like my father those dreams are rooted in the back yard taking hundreds of slapshots or sitting at the dinner table talking learning and reflecting on life with my family.


Liv Real Estate 18831 111 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, T5S2X4

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