Buying a home is the most important investment many people will make in their lifetimes, which means that the process should not be taken lightly. Home buyers looking in the Edmonton, Alberta area will have lots of options to choose from since there are plenty of quality Edmonton condos and houses up for sale. Not sure which property type is right for you? Here are five signs that suggest that you should be looking for a condo rather than a house.

Location, Location, Location!

People who are determined to live in a certain area should consider buying a condo rather than a house if the Edmonton neighbourhood they've got their eyes on is one where there are lots of condo units but few houses. If location is a potential deal breaker, house hunters may have to fine-tune their search to focus on condos.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Whether because of a busy lifestyle or mobility restrictions, some home buyers might not be able to invest the sort of time or energy necessary for the maintenance and upkeep of their homes. Cutting the lawn, raking the leaves and power washing the exterior siding may be out of the question for some people. In such cases, a condo would make more sense. Condo buyers will typically pay a maintenance fee in addition to their mortgage payment, which means that they won't have to worry about the time-consuming, heavy lifting chores that house owners need to keep up with.

When Cheaper is Better

Home buyers on a tight budget may be better off looking for condos rather than houses since, on average, the former tend to be cheaper. While both condos and houses come at different price points, people are more likely to find condos rather than houses that fit their budgets. Moreover, the number of condo units up for sale tend to be way higher than the number of houses up for sale, so people looking for condos will have more to choose from.

The More the Merrier

Home buyers who feel more comfortable living in close proximity to other people may find condos to be a better option than houses since there will be lots of neighbours relatively nearby. Condo dwellers will definitely have more opportunities for social interaction, while those who live in houses will usually have more privacy.

Two (or More) Heads are Better than One

Some people like the idea of sharing decision-making responsibilities rather than acting unilaterally. Home buyers who fit this profile might be more comfortable in a condo setting since decisions impacting the units in the condo building will be arrived at democratically through a condo board.

Edmonton offers a lot of great real estate options, and it's important for home buyers to determine if a condo would be a better fit than a detached house - or vice versa. If after careful consideration you decide that a condo is the way to go, you'll ultimately find options that you'll be proud to call home sweet home.

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