In the Strathcona County area, Sherwood Park is an excellent place to get fit while being close to nature. The vast size of the region itself provides plenty of space to get away from the hustle of modern life and focus on exercising in an environment that is secluded, calm, and filled with plenty to explore. So, to help get you started, here are a few exercise ideas you can use across Sherwood Park that will get you into great shape without costing a dime.

Miles of Paths for Running or Biking

One effective way to get a full workout that costs zero dollars is by doing some simple cardio exercises, such as biking or running. In Sherwood Park, there are countless paths that extend across the region for miles, running between trees and lakes, providing plenty of space for you to work up a sweat in a setting that is both peaceful and relatively quiet. Aside from your own breathing, you'll only hear the sounds of nature all around you. Unlike paying for a gym membership to go inside and hop on a bike/treadmill, the area's paths will provide you with a free cardio circuit to use whenever you please. Not only will you get fit, but you'll also get to do so outside in the fresh, open air.

Grab a Walking Stick and Go For a Hike

For the more adventurous, Sherwood Park also has many off-road hiking trails that will bring you straight into the heart of the forests that make up the area. Hiking is an excellent method of working out your entire body by challenging it with terrain that will take you up and down hill, creating a natural sort of circuit training experience. Each trail in Sherwood Park has different terrain, with some being flat, others more rugged, and still others providing a unique mix that will keep you on your toes and your heart pumping.

Open Park Fields for Interval Sprints

The area of Sherwood Park has several recreational parks within its boundaries, all of which have massive fields of green grass that can serve as the perfect stretch of space for interval sprinting. The basic premise behind interval sprinting is to get your heart rate up using short but intense bursts of exercise that you can do over and over for multiple sets. For the purpose of exploding from a starting position into a full blown sprint, the soft surface of a park field is perfect for reducing the impact against your knees while also providing a challenging surface to run on that will push your coordination as well as your endurance. Start with short distances, anywhere from 15 to 30 meters, and gradually work your way up to more intense distance of 100m and 200m.

The Strathcona Athletic Park on Cloverbar Road is a particularly popular park for excersizing in Sherwood Park. Located in the west end of Sherwood Park, it features 2 Competition Baseball Ball Diamonds, 2 Shale Ball Diamonds, 1 Competition Football Field with Bleachers 5 Football / Soccer Fields, 1 Practice Soccer Field, State-of-the-art Running Track and Athletic Facilities, Change Facilities, and Washrooms. Homes in Foxboro, Foxhaven, Craigavon, Glen Allan, and Nottingham are all within walking distance of the Athletic Park. 

Getting into shape does not necessarily mean having to pay for an expensive gym pass every month. There are plenty of opportunities for getting in some intense exercise sessions all across Sherwood Park. From its paved paths for running/biking to its off-road hiking trails and open fields for sprinting, the region can become your own outdoor gym, accessible at any time of the day. Best of all, you'll actually be outdoors while you work out, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as you push your body to its limits. For more great information about the Edmonton area, subscribe to our blog – and if you’re considering buying a home in Edmonton, contact us today.

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