International Buyers

No matter where you come from, if you're interested in buying a property in the greater Edmonton area, we can certainly help you. As an international buyer, your purchase may be more complicated than the average purchase in Edmonton, but this isn't our first barbeque (a common saying in Canada to suggest we have a lot of experience ;).

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International Home Buyers

Real Estate is done completely differently around the world. In some countries, buyers can't have their own representation, but buyer representation is very much an option in Alberta. In some countries it may take months to transfer title from one owner to another, in Alberta title can change hands in less than a month. 

An important part of buying property here is knowing local real estate laws, we can help you navigate the real estate market while we help you find the best property for your needs.

No matter what your goals are for purchasing a property in the Edmonton area, we're dedicated to working hard for you and finding you what you want.

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