Seller’s Checklist;
What To Think, When You’re Thinking Of Moving

There is so much to think about, when it comes to selling your home. The most common reason people consider selling their homes are lifestyle changes such as a growing family, a new job, marriage and retirement. This is our list of things you should consider, when you're thinking about selling your home.

Questions about Timing:

  1. Is now the right time to sell?
  2. What are your goals for the next 5 to 10 years; would moving help to achieve these goals?
  3. Should you sell your Home "as is", or invest in renovations to try and maximize profit?

Do your research and find the right agent; find someone that understands your situation and can answer your questions and concerns. Have an agent assess the "Current Market Value" of your home; look for comparables, data and any relevant information . Ask an agent for a free "In-person Evaluation"; they can advise ‘if’ and ‘what’ renovations might add immediate value. Our client care manager can match you with an experienced agent, that knows your neighbourhood, and has access to the best marketing strategy in Edmonton.

Logistical Questions:

  1. Can you afford to sell right now?
  2. Unforeseen Mortgage costs; knowing about hidden fees and possible payout penalties; who should you talk to?
  3. Contracts; reading the fine print, understanding ‘how’ your Agent represents you and agreeing on "how" to sell your Home.

Know exactly where you stand financially before signing anything. Consult your Mortgage Broker before agreeing to list your property. Get copies of all paperwork from your agent; if it hasn't been thoroughly explained to you, don't sign.

Questions about Preparing your Home for Sale:

  1. What should 'stay' and what should ‘go’ when preparing for Showings?
  2. What is the best marketing plan to maximize your Home’s exposure?
  3. What is the protocol for when someone requests to see your Home?

Your agent (and possibly a home stager), need to assist you in transforming your home into every buyer’s fantasy. You need a marketing strategy that will hilite’s your home’s best assets and creates an emotional connection with Buyers. You and your agent need a game-plan for showings; buyers need to feel wanted and appreciated.

Questions about Offers:

  1. What happens when a potential buyer expresses interest?
  2. What is the timeline for responding to potential offers?
  3. How do you know what to sign and what all of the paperwork means?

Get to know your agent; make sure they know the best way to reach you on short notice and you can easily reach them to get advice for 'time sensitive' situations. Learn how to respond efficiently with your agent and potential buyers; without signing or accepting something under pressure. Have an Agent that is organized and transparent in explaining each step of the transaction with you.

Questions about the Process of Selling Your Home:

  1. What happens when things don’t go as you planned; unexpected costs, unforeseen timelines, etc.
  2. What happens when you and your Agent don’t agree on your homes’ value.
  3. What if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the whole process?

Learning to compromise for potential Buyers can help leverage your position in the end. Find an Agent that you can trust, but also learn to trust their expertise and evaluation of your home in the current market. Before you begin, relax, and take time to find the person who will always keep you 'in the loop' and be your best advocate.

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