Relocating to the Edmonton Area

Edmonton is a wonderful place to live for many reasons, not the least of which is our incredible river valley - the largest urban park in North America (22 times bigger than Central Park in New York City!). The river valley offers all kinds of recreational opportunities such as hiking, running, biking and cross country skiing on the over 1400km of trails that wind through the centre of the city. Canoeing or kayaking down the river is an incredible way to experience Edmonton, and a round of golf in the middle of the most northern major metropolitan area in North America can't be beat.


Most people associate Edmonton with a long, cold winter, end Edmonton embraces its northern climate and culture. There's more to the area than snow and cold though, in the summer you can experience up to 17 hours of sunlight in a single day! Edmonton summers are typically warm and dry and loaded with festivals like the ever-popular Fringe Festival, Folk Festival and Heritage Days Festival. Winter days are shorter but much sunnier than most other Canadian cities. And even though the temperature tends to dip pretty low in the winter in Edmonton, locals refer to it as a "dry cold" and the same temperature in other more humid areas will actually feel colder than it does in Edmonton.

Getting Around

Edmonton has a lot less traffic than other major cities in Canada. We often ask clients relocating from Toronto or Vancouver how far they're willing to drive to work and we'll chuckle at the answers we get like "no more than an hour and a half." Edmonton drivers enjoy the shortest average commute time in the country and most people commute less than 25 minutes to work. We often recommend living on the same side of the river as your place of work, as the bridges can become congestion points. The Edmonton Transit System offers bus and LRT service throughout the city, with major LRT expansion plans underway.

Finding a Home

There are differences in the way real estate changes hands across the country, so just because you've bought or sold in one market doesn't mean you can transfer your experience here. If you're moving to Edmonton, the sooner you find a real estate agent, the better. A Liv Real Estate®, we can explain the ins and outs of real estate in Edmonton before you even come to look for homes; we regularly have consultations over the phone or through an online meeting, so when you arrive we can focus on finding the perfect home for you. A lot of people plan a house hunting trip a few months before they move to Edmonton, and during your visit we will endeavour to show you as many neighbourhoods and homes that meet your specific needs as possible. It can be an exhausting few days, but we can help you save time and stay away from areas that are not ideal for you.

Our client care manager can match you with an agent that meets your requirements and personality. Contact her today to arrange your Edmonton relocation.

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