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Best Schools

Best schools

Edmonton offers excellent education opportunities from pre-school all the way to graduate school. While some schools require you to live in a certain area to attend them, some have entrance eligibility requirements, and others are open to everyone.

The public and separate school boards have designated attendance areas for all schools - if a student lives within the attendance area, they are eligible to attend. If a student doesn't live in the attendance area they may still be eligible to attend unless the school has closed boundaries. It's a system that can be confusing at first, but it also gives parents more options when it comes to finding the right school for their children.

If you have your eye on a specific school, you must contact the school directly to make sure your child is eligible to attend, or find out what is required for eligibility.

Find homes near the best schools below or read about the value of nearby homes!

Our Acclaimed Top Schools In The City

Top schools

The academic institutions listed below are the top schools in the city, according to rankings by the Fraser Institute.

These rankings show how well the schools performed on Grade 3 to Grade 6 provincial academic tests over a number of years. This allows you to compare the performance of individual schools based on a number of different criteria. The list below includes the best schools over five years of results.

Edmonton Catholic Elementary Schools

Edmonton Charter Schools

This list is in progress & we'll be adding new schools all the time.

Living near the best schools in Edmonton afford families a number of advantages; from easy walkability for kids in the surrounding area to convenient locations to extra-curricular facilities. But another great advantage of purchasing real estate near acclaimed schools in your city is the investment value of homes.

Resale value can increase when looking down the road and the potential of the home in the future market. Just as some things will remain timeless, so does the value of homes near top education facilities and the best schools in the area.

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