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To paraphrase Daniel Defoe and, to a lesser extent, Benjamin Franklin: there are no certainties in this universe other than death and taxes. Similar to income tax, the amount of property tax a household pays depends on different variables. Geographic location and the value of real estate are some of the issues that must be considered when deciphering how Edmonton's property tax structure affects your finances.

Composition of Property Taxes in Edmonton

The biggest portion of your annual Edmonton property taxes is calculated according to the budget set up by City Council every year. This portion typically makes up 68 percent of your property taxes. Another significant portion of your property tax is determined according to the Alberta government.…

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You’ve looked through the green blogs of modern day, and you see the beautiful IKEA-esque glory basking in Flickr pages across the net, suddenly your home seems less comforting. Like a fever or a dream, you suddenly awake, wondering what you can do to make your home as pristine, and efficient, as these. I’ll walk you through the tips to stay eco-friendly, and create something not only aesthetically pleasing but intrinsically beautiful. The new wave of eco-design is here, are you ready to join in?


We’ve all known about solar energy for years now, but the technology is so young that it might not be as efficient as hoped. Still, there must be some promise in this amazing technology that harnesses the natural power of the sun. Perhaps it lies in…

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Summerside is a bustling young neighbourhood in South East Edmonton with young families, young couples, and a great community. It is the perfect place to raise your youngster, and the area has a bunch of great resources for parents of young children. Wondering what preschools your child could attend in Summerside? Here are just a few amazing Summerside preschools where your little ones can begin their school years.

Take the Educational Day Care Approach

If you're looking for more of a day care that is very focused on teaching children, then Summerside Child Care Centre is absolutely the place for you. This centre is a daycare and preschool, and it offers a variety of different educational opportunities for children. Whether it be drama, puppets,…

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Are you considering buying a new home now that you are planning on having children? When you are going to buy a new home, there are numerous things to consider when starting a family. One must take into account various factors including child safety, community and comfort. Buying a home at any stage in life is a major responsibility and if you are thinking of adding a few kids to the mix, then you might want to consider some of these "baby friendly" home-buying tips.

Don’t Compromise on Your Home’s Safety

Of course you will put safety measures into place to protect your baby, but what about the safety of the environment you are going to be living in? For example, it is probably not advisable to choose a home with a pool until your babies are grown…

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As we all know, Edmonton truly is a winter city, so embrace winter and get active! Cross country skiing is easy to learn, offers an excellent full body workout, and is an fun way to enjoy Edmonton. 

The Edmonton Nordic Ski Club offers lessons and equipment rentals and there are many other places around Edmonton where you can rent equiment as well (MEC, Strathcona Wilderness Centre, and Totem Outdoor Outfitters to name a few).

The City of Edmonton web site offers trail maps and descriptions, so it's easy to find a place to ski, especially in our beautiful river valley.

Much of the river valley trail system is plowed and maintained through the winter as part of the winter city strategy, including 55 km of groomed cross-country ski terrain. The…

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