Summer is a season for all sorts of outdoor events. This year, plenty of such events are taking place across the Edmonton area in the form of 10K and marathon races. If you're a runner in the city looking to put yourself to the test, you may want to look into some of the different races that are coming up. Here are just a few that you won't want to miss.

Challenge and Fun Competing in the Leading Edge RunWild Marathon

Taking place this May 4 in St. Albert, just outside of Edmonton, is the fourth Leading Edge RunWild Marathon; it promises to be as competitive and enjoyable as ever for all participants. About 2000 runners are expected to hit the pavement in St. Albert this time around to participate in the event's full marathon, half marathon, 10K,…

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Residents of Edmonton should take note of the 2014 Edmonton Poetry Festival, taking place between April 20 and 27. The festival has grown into an event that provides poetry to thousands of people every year and attracts poets and artists from around the world. Here's a brief guide to what's offered at this year's festival.

Celebrating Poetry and Connecting Verse to Art and Life

The goal of the Edmonton Poetry Festival is to bring verse to the masses by connecting poets with audiences, other art forms, and different facets of life. Both creators and audiences become engaged through readings and events. The festival collaborates with different aspects of Edmonton's poetry scene, including publishers, schools, community organizations, literary…

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For the most voracious and active readers, a book club is an excellent way to meet with other people who have the same passion for the written word that you do. These clubs provide an opportunity to discuss the deeper meaning of a particular work in a friendly setting where you can gain insights from others that you otherwise might not have realized on your own. The difficulty, though, comes in finding a book club that suits the types of genres you most enjoy reading. In the city of Edmonton, the public library system actually offers many different book clubs that focus on all sorts of different areas, whether it be literary fiction, genre fiction, or non-fiction. Here are just some of Edmonton’s most interesting book clubs.

AGA Book Club for Lovers of…

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The Kinsmen Club of St Albert have been running the Rainmaker Rodeo ever since 1965. Over the decades, it has grown into an event that attracts thousands of people from Edmonton and the surrounding area. The 2014 Rainmaker Rodeo and Exhibition takes place from May 23 to May 25 and promises to draw over 25,000 people during the weekend festivities. Here are five reasons everyone should be excited for this year’s event.

1. The Largest Semi-Professional Rodeo in the Province

As the biggest semi-professional rodeo in Alberta, Rainmaker Rodeo draws top competitive talent from the province and elsewhere. During the weekend, they compete in a variety of events, including bull riding, calf roping, team roping, steer wrestling, ladies barrel racing, bareback…

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When you're looking to purchase a piece of real estate in Edmonton, you'll have many decisions to make in regards to what kind of a home will suit your personality and lifestyle the best. This often means deciding between an Edmonton Condo and an Edmonton Loft, since both can be affordable yet each style offers its own unique benefits and caters to a particular type of person. So which style, loft or condominium, is best for you?

The Condo Personality: Organization

If you're someone who craves organization and structured spaces, a condo might be a better choice for you. With a condominium, you'll typically find a space that is well organized with the structured rooms you're used to. Bedrooms are generally separated in their own enclosed spaces and…

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