During the summertime, there is no better way to escape Edmonton's soaring temperatures than by taking a dunk in one of the city's outdoor pools. Not only can you soak up the sunshine, you can refresh your body at the same time. While outdoor pools are a great luxury during the hot months, they require much more maintenance than many homeowners want to commit to during fall and winter. This is why many Edmonton residents will frequent outdoor pools in the area rather than purchasing a property with a pool. If you are looking for the perfect place to take a dip, here are three of the best around.

The Modern Fred Broadstock Pool

Located in West Edmonton on 105 Avenue, the Fred Broadstock Outdoor Pool is a modern day favourite. This family-friendly…

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The following post was contributed by reader, Emma Lear.

When searching for a new home, buyers often spend months sifting through real estate listings to find the perfect fit. But most people focus primarily on the house rather than the neighbourhood. This is a common mistake that can easily turn a beautiful home into a nightmare.

A wonderful home is only one part of the equation that leads to a satisfying lifestyle. There are a number of other important considerations including schools, amenities, and neighbours among other factors. Regardless of whether this is a short-term move or not, if you are in the wrong neighbourhood, a short stay can feel like an eternity.

Never Make Assumptions

It is common for people to select neighbourhoods that…

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So you've finally found a new home and you're preparing yourself for a fresh start in a new location. The stress of finding the perfect new house or condo is behind you: the rest seems easy! Well, barring any major renovations, that's mostly true, but the minor chore of packing for your big move can quickly turn into a major headache without the right preparation. Follow these quick tips to make sure your packing and moving leads to a smooth transition to the new life that awaits you in your future home!

Make Sure You're Prepared with the Tools of the Trade

Nothing will lead to frustration quicker than having your packing process interrupted by a shortage of supplies. Start building a list of essential packing supplies long before your move, and…

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Yes, you can take enjoying a cold one just as seriously as a wine connoisseur does a Petit Verdot. With the growing popularity of microbreweries across the continent, beer lovers are ecstatic to enjoy craft beers. You can find the ultimate in beer-lover satisfaction at these local Edmonton establishments:

Beer in Capitals: CRAFT Beer Market

Serving craft beers from around the world, as well as many great fresh food dishes, CRAFT Beer Market opened in Edmonton in December, 2013 and has locations in Vancouver and Calgary as well. With the largest variety of draft beer in Canada - as well as many wine, cocktail, and spirit options - CRAFT is a favourite for many locals and beer lovers. The establishment is set in a great atmosphere that consists of a…

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The St. Albert Father's Day Soapbox Derby is an annual tradition in St Albert that brings together families for a fun filled day of traditional soapbox racing. It's an awesome way to create memories and bond with dad, and gives a healthy dose of competition for teams to look forward to. Hundreds of families love participating in this event every year. Read this handy guide to learn more about the event and how you can play a part in it this year.

What is the Soapbox Derby?

The St Albert Father's Day Soapbox Derby is a derby for fathers and their children to race "Go-Kit" cars. It will take place this year on June 17, 2014. By using all of the parts in the kit, teams start the race at an equal level playing field, which makes the race entertaining…

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Whether you're new to Spruce Grove or a long term resident, families are always looking for fun things to do around town. Well, June is Recreation and Parks Month in Spruce Grove! It encourages our residents to get outside see all the beauty of the trails, parks and recreation fields in our growing community. There is even a 30 day family challenge to help keep you on track.     I'm not going to lie... I'll try to commit myself to about half.... Don't knock on my door looking for me to join the neighbourhood walk!  If you complete all 30 days you can enter for prizes valued at 150.00 each between July 1-11th.   So Spruce Grover's are you up for the challenge?  

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The jazz scene in Edmonton has consistently been building steam over the last several years, and this year is sure to make a huge mark thanks to the Edmonton International Jazz Festival, which will take place on June 20-29, 2014. Held at the iconic Winspear Centre, the festival will bring together renowned musicians from all over the world to treat jazz enthusiasts to some amazing music. It promises to be a memorable experience for all involved. Read a bit more about it and the artists who will be there, and consider picking up a ticket for yourself and a date to be involved in this day of amazing live music.

Catch Improvisational Jazz Trio Medeski Martin & Wood

Medeski Martin & Wood will be headlining the festival this year. They are known for…

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When it comes to building community strength and equality among different demographics of people, there's often nothing better than an annual parade to raise funds and lift spirits. This is certainly the case when it comes to the LGBTQ Community of Edmonton and the annual Edmonton Pride Festival. Through the many events this annual festival puts on in the city of Edmonton each June, the community is brought together through fun and excitement for all. Here's everything you need to know about this year's Edmonton Pride Festival, which is sure to be bigger and better than ever.

The History of the Edmonton Pride Festival

Held annually in Edmonton, Edmonton Pride Festival has strong roots based on the protest movement of a major police raid on a gay…

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Whether you're a visitor or a resident of St Albert, Alberta, you'll immediately realize the many opportunities and benefits this city has to offer. With a history that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, St Albert is full of historic and beautiful architecture, and offers many opportunities to enjoy great art and culture. Here are the five best places to see some of the amazing art St Albert has to offer.

The Art Gallery of St Albert

Situated at the historic Banque d'Hochelaga building, the Art Gallery of St Albert offers many exhibitions and art-related events to the community, as well as educational opportunities for the children of St Albert. The heritage building itself is a work of art in its own right, and was first built in 1920; it is…

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