Sometimes there is no greater pleasure in life than to enjoy a tasty, well-cooked steak. St Albert has some amazing places where you can go to sink your teeth into a nice, juicy steak. Soups and salads are nice and all, but when you need some red meat there is no substitute. A good steak can cap off the workweek in a way nothing else can, not to mention that a steak is a perfect way to celebrate a big occasion. So the next time you need a good, thick, juicy steak, head to one of these fine establishments that represent the best in St. Albert steak houses.

Campbell's is a Local Treasure

Campbell's is great if you want to visit a truly local place and get a good taste for St. Albert. They are known for their hearty servings, and have great steaks…

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As a first time home buyer, it can be an overwhelming experience to begin looking at homes in any given city. This can especially be the case in Edmonton, with so many great neighbourhoods to choose from that are within a short commute to downtown. If you're a first time home buyer unsure of which area best suits you, here are three reasons why Sherwood Park might be the perfect destination for your first home.

Practicality: A Variety of Affordable Housing

In Sherwood Park, you can find virtually every kind of housing you're interested in purchasing, whether it's a condominium, a townhouse, or a detached home. Though the specific property prices vary depending on the particular locations within Sherwood Park, you might be surprised at the level of…

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Save the date! Saturday, September 20th, 2014 is coming up quickly. This is the date of the annual Community League Day and an event that locals look forward to all year. Whether you are new to the Edmonton area, or you have lived here for decades, Community League Day is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the local community leagues, mingle with your neighbours and celebrate what is going on in your own neighbourhood.

The Perfect Opportunity to Get to Know Your Neighbours

Too many times we get caught up in our everyday lives. We have our jobs, our children and our own families to run. Since this is the case, we sometimes forget that there are so many things going on in the community; and this is why Edmonton's Community League Day…

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This September, the city of Edmonton will gather once again to celebrate and showcase the art of cinema. The Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF) is an annual ten-day event that brings filmmakers from all over the world to Alberta's capital, for a series of exclusive screenings and all the panels, reviews, and awards that follow.

The 28th annual EIFF takes place this year from Thursday, September 25 through Saturday, October 4, with the 24/ONE marathon kicking off the previous weekend on Saturday, September 20. If you want to experience one of Edmonton's greatest contributions to the entertainment industry, make sure you catch at least a few of these world premieres. Here’s what you can expect at the 2014 EIFF.

Exclusive Screenings for Over…

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You’ve looked through the green blogs of modern day, and you see the beautiful IKEA-esque glory basking in Flickr pages across the net, suddenly your home seems less comforting. Like a fever or a dream, you suddenly awake, wondering what you can do to make your home as pristine, and efficient, as these. I’ll walk you through the tips to stay eco-friendly, and create something not only aesthetically pleasing but intrinsically beautiful. The new wave of eco-design is here, are you ready to join in?


We’ve all known about solar energy for years now, but the technology is so young that it might not be as efficient as hoped. Still, there must be some promise in this amazing technology that harnesses the natural power of the sun. Perhaps it lies in…

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Edmonton is known as the Festival City, and every year there are lots of great festivals for all sorts of arts enthusiasts. This September, Edmonton will host the country's only annual performance art festival. The 15th Annual Visualeyez festival solicits proposals each year and selects the best artists to showcase their work at this week-long event. Here’s what you can expect at Visualeyez 2014.

Focusing On Movement: The Physical, Spiritual and Sociological

Each year the festival gets a new theme, and this year's theme is Movement. Latitude 53 announced it on Facebook on April 23, giving artists exactly one month before submissions closed on May 23. Kinetic and spiritual movement already dominates the world of performance art, so it will be…

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Living in Edmonton, Alberta provides a wealth of exciting attractions and things to do that add fun and frivolity to a busy schedule. One such event is that of Kaleidofest, an arts festival filled to the brim with fun for the entire family. This three-day festival is scheduled to take place from September 12-14 of this year, and will include a large variety of enticing activities for everyone to enjoy. Here's a brief look at all that this year’s Kaleidofest will entail.

Activities and Features of Kaleido: Activities and Performances Abound

While Edmonton plays host to a plethora of events each year, Kaleidofest is one of the very best in delivering a family-friendly atmosphere, while also providing a number of interesting festivities for adults to…

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Sherwood Park is an incredible area to call home, especially if you're someone who loves to enjoy the outdoors. If you also happen to be a physically active person, you might just find that Sherwood Park is the best place for this, too. Hitting the trail on your run offers the best of fresh air and scenery, and can bring with it an incredible sense of wellbeing. For your next run, consider visiting one of these great Sherwood Park trails.

Broadmoor Lake Park: Running Trails and More

If you're an avid runner who wants to hit the trails for a run while enjoying the beautiful outdoors, scenery, and fresh air, Broadmoor Lake Park could be the perfect place for you. Not only does this park offer a smooth-terrain running trail that loops around the lake…

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Shopping for a new home is one of the most exciting experiences you'll come across in your lifetime, and surely one you'll want to enjoy while being smart and diligent in the process. When looking for a loft that brings with it all the character and uniqueness you love so much, you'll have to be extra sharp and quick to ensure that you land the loft you like. Here's a new buyer's guide to the Edmonton market, which is specifically useful when looking at Edmonton lofts.

Keep Yourself Informed: Daily Searches

Since particular lofts can be quite unique and offer certain styles that come on the market much less often than your standard condo, it becomes increasingly important to stay on top of the market. You can see lofts for sale in our favourite…

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