Neighbourhoods, events and activities in Sherwood Park, AB.

As a first time home buyer, it can be an overwhelming experience to begin looking at homes in any given city. This can especially be the case in Edmonton, with so many great neighbourhoods to choose from that are within a short commute to downtown. If you're a first time home buyer unsure of which area best suits you, here are three reasons why Sherwood Park might be the perfect destination for your first home.

Practicality: A Variety of Affordable Housing

In Sherwood Park, you can find virtually every kind of housing you're interested in purchasing, whether it's a condominium, a townhouse, or a detached home. Though the specific property prices vary depending on the particular locations within Sherwood Park, you might be surprised at the level of…

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Sherwood Park is an incredible area to call home, especially if you're someone who loves to enjoy the outdoors. If you also happen to be a physically active person, you might just find that Sherwood Park is the best place for this, too. Hitting the trail on your run offers the best of fresh air and scenery, and can bring with it an incredible sense of wellbeing. For your next run, consider visiting one of these great Sherwood Park trails.

Broadmoor Lake Park: Running Trails and More

If you're an avid runner who wants to hit the trails for a run while enjoying the beautiful outdoors, scenery, and fresh air, Broadmoor Lake Park could be the perfect place for you. Not only does this park offer a smooth-terrain running trail that loops around the lake…

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There isn't much that tastes better than fresh summer fruits and vegetables. Fresh dill, snap peas tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, apples… the list could go on. Now of course, if you don't have enough time or space to maintain a garden that can grow all of your favourite fresh produce, the best place to pick it up is at the farmer's market. If you're living in Sherwood Park and want to know where the best farmer's markets in the area are, read on. You'll soon be on your way to getting those fresh ingredients that you and your family crave.

Open Year Round: The Sherwood Park Farmer's Market

The action at this farmer's market goes down on Wednesdays from 5PM-8PM at the Community Centre in Sherwood Park. It hosts about 70 vendors who sell…

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The following post was contributed by reader, Emma Lear.

When searching for a new home, buyers often spend months sifting through real estate listings to find the perfect fit. But most people focus primarily on the house rather than the neighbourhood. This is a common mistake that can easily turn a beautiful home into a nightmare.

A wonderful home is only one part of the equation that leads to a satisfying lifestyle. There are a number of other important considerations including schools, amenities, and neighbours among other factors. Regardless of whether this is a short-term move or not, if you are in the wrong neighbourhood, a short stay can feel like an eternity.

Never Make Assumptions

It is common for people to select neighbourhoods that…

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When it rains, it pours. You may have heard this saying before, but perhaps it's only becoming more obvious on those rainy days when it seems there's nothing to take your mind off the poor weather outside. But don't worry; if you happen to be a local of Sherwood Park, there are plenty of fun indoor activities in your very own neighbourhood that will take your mind off the outdoor fun you're missing. Here are some of the best ways to spend your rainy day in Sherwood Park.

Go Shopping: Sherwood Park Mall

You've been putting off your obligations to go shopping, and, whether it's for your kids or for yourself, there's surely something you're in need of. A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to finally take yourself on that shopping spree you've been…

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The weather outside can often be reflected in our moods and how we feel on the inside, and when it's sunny out, we're often at our happiest. On the contrary, when it's a cold, dull day outside, we can feel sad and blue. Often we'll go to great lengths in order to achieve an inner and exterior sense of warmth when the weather is not cooperating, and seeking out indoor places to find warmth and a comfortable atmosphere is not too far of a stretch. When living in Sherwood Park, however, you need not go far to find a cozy atmosphere on a chilly day. Here are the coziest cafes near you, and the best places to enjoy on a cool day.

Cafe Haven: Heaven and More

Cafe Haven, which began as a small coffee shop, has transformed into much more than that over the…

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In the Strathcona County area, Sherwood Park is an excellent place to get fit while being close to nature. The vast size of the region itself provides plenty of space to get away from the hustle of modern life and focus on exercising in an environment that is secluded, calm, and filled with plenty to explore. So, to help get you started, here are a few exercise ideas you can use across Sherwood Park that will get you into great shape without costing a dime.

Miles of Paths for Running or Biking

One effective way to get a full workout that costs zero dollars is by doing some simple cardio exercises, such as biking or running. In Sherwood Park, there are countless paths that extend across the region for miles, running between trees and lakes, providing…

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