The weather outside can often be reflected in our moods and how we feel on the inside, and when it's sunny out, we're often at our happiest. On the contrary, when it's a cold, dull day outside, we can feel sad and blue. Often we'll go to great lengths in order to achieve an inner and exterior sense of warmth when the weather is not cooperating, and seeking out indoor places to find warmth and a comfortable atmosphere is not too far of a stretch. When living in Sherwood Park, however, you need not go far to find a cozy atmosphere on a chilly day. Here are the coziest cafes near you, and the best places to enjoy on a cool day.

Cafe Haven: Heaven and More

Cafe Haven, which began as a small coffee shop, has transformed into much more than that over the course of its lifetime. When the coffee shop recently changed ownership, other changes were implemented in the cafe, taking it from a place to simply enjoy coffee to a place to enjoy coffee plus mind-blowing cuisine. The artistic atmosphere and culinary delights you'll find on the menu here will surely make you feel better on even the wettest of days, and gluten-free options are available too! Cafe Haven is located at 9 Sioux Road in Sherwood Park.

Cafe O'Play: Coziness with the Kids

If you have children and are in search of the perfect place to find both coziness and a child-friendly atmosphere on a rainy day, Cafe O'Play is just the place for you. Giving you the opportunity to have your children entertained with the on-site, indoor playground as well as providing a comfortable cafe atmosphere, Cafe O'Play has become a local favourite among parents and children alike. Serving locally roasted Caps Coffee, as well as organic teas and chai lattes, Cafe O'Play also offers children's snacks and a variety of pastries. With a safe and clean environment designed for children up to the age of six, you can be sure that the rainy day blues will be nowhere in sight - both for you and your children. Cafe O'Play is located at 50 Athabascan Avenue.

Second Cup: Familiar Satisfaction

For something you are comfortable and familiar with, why not go to Second Cup in the heart of Sherwood Park to curb your rainy day blues? Here you're sure to find the perfect cup of coffee you so enjoy as well as the cozy and familiar atmosphere you crave. As a Canadian franchise with 360 cafes, Second Cup will surely warm your heart with the right coffee, atmosphere, music, and food. Second Cup is located at 390 Baseline Road.

With many cozy coffee shops to enjoy in the heart of Sherwood Park, you won't have to go too far to warm up on a chilly day. So get happy and get cozy with a cup of coffee in one of these warm atmospheres, and forget about the weather! Find warmth in a simple cup of coffee, and pair it with some delicious cuisine or a play date for the kids. 

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