Information about buying and owning condos in the Greater Edmonton Area.

Shopping for a new home is one of the most exciting experiences you'll come across in your lifetime, and surely one you'll want to enjoy while being smart and diligent in the process. When looking for a loft that brings with it all the character and uniqueness you love so much, you'll have to be extra sharp and quick to ensure that you land the loft you like. Here's a new buyer's guide to the Edmonton market, which is specifically useful when looking at Edmonton lofts.

Keep Yourself Informed: Daily Searches

Since particular lofts can be quite unique and offer certain styles that come on the market much less often than your standard condo, it becomes increasingly important to stay on top of the market. You can see lofts for sale in our favourite…

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Edmonton lofts are some of the most sought-after types of real estate in the city, as they are in many other cities across Canada. The historic origins of the loft reach back to impoverished artists, and this cool factor has come to make lofts a trendy, eclectic, and unique space to live in, especially when considering lofts with exposed concrete and other rustic details. Many homeowners make mistakes when trying to sell their lofts, however, which often causes them to think just the opposite about these kinds of homes. Here are the top three ways to NOT sell your loft in Edmonton.

Overpricing Your Loft

Though the uniqueness of many lofts will bring in buyers who are willing to perhaps pay a premium in order to get a home that is unlike anyone…

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When it comes to shopping for real estate, you must be aware of many different aspects of the home itself as well as the process. You must find a balance between emotional, logical, and cost-effective considerations to ensure that you find yourself in a home that matches your desired lifestyle. When purchasing a condo, the process is no less complex. If you're trying to decide whether a home is right for you, here are four signs that you're buying the right Edmonton condo.

Visualization: You Can See Yourself There

Often, homebuyers can decide which home is right for them based solely on this fact: they can easily visualize themselves in the home, and the visualization is positive. If you step into the condo and immediately feel a sense of being…

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When you're looking to purchase a piece of real estate in Edmonton, you'll have many decisions to make in regards to what kind of a home will suit your personality and lifestyle the best. This often means deciding between an Edmonton Condo and an Edmonton Loft, since both can be affordable yet each style offers its own unique benefits and caters to a particular type of person. So which style, loft or condominium, is best for you?

The Condo Personality: Organization

If you're someone who craves organization and structured spaces, a condo might be a better choice for you. With a condominium, you'll typically find a space that is well organized with the structured rooms you're used to. Bedrooms are generally separated in their own enclosed spaces and…

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Buying a home is the most important investment many people will make in their lifetimes, which means that the process should not be taken lightly. Home buyers looking in the Edmonton, Alberta area will have lots of options to choose from since there are plenty of quality Edmonton condos and houses up for sale. Not sure which property type is right for you? Here are five signs that suggest that you should be looking for a condo rather than a house.

Location, Location, Location!

People who are determined to live in a certain area should consider buying a condo rather than a house if the Edmonton neighbourhood they've got their eyes on is one where there are lots of condo units but few houses. If location is a potential deal breaker, house hunters may…

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